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— Purple 76 Index issue #29 S/S 2018

Grognard inge

fearless make-up
from antwerp six to
hood by air

interview by OLIVIER ZAHM

OLIVIER ZAHM — Your make-up is never superficial. It leaves space for integrity, authenticity, and individuality, even if it’s a crazy or strange or extravagant idea. How do you combine the two aspects — authenticity and artificiality — in your work?

INGE GROGNARD — I am aware that I work with living people and faces, not a white canvas.

OLIVIER ZAHM — Is there still room for experimentation in the beauty world, and is it finally opening up to unexpected beauty styles?

INGE GROGNARD — Yes, there is room, but less than before because of the number of people busy with the beauty world and social media. To surprise became harder.

OLIVIER ZAHM — Do you work with the face or the personality of the models when you imagine a make-up proposition? Or do you just start with your own dream and projected vision on the person?

INGE GROGNARD — Face and personality are really important for me to be inspired. When I am totally free, I do my own casting for the project I have in mind. When I don’t find the right people, I use myself to express my idea.

OLIVIER ZAHM — Can your style be defined by fearlessness and darkness?

INGE GROGNARD — Love you for this definition — I would add also romanticism.

OLIVIER ZAHM — You started with Martin Margiela and created some amazing beauty moments for his remarkable shows. Can you tell us about the collaborative and creative process you used to have with him?

INGE GROGNARD — With Martin, it was something of a natural comprehension. He had a clear vision about beauty, and I learned a lot from him — to leave all the predictable, classic beauty ideas behind and break them down, but always with respect for the person and face in front of us.

OLIVIER ZAHM — You also worked recently for HBA [Hood By Air], Balenciaga, and Vetements. How do you end up working with the most innovative designers?

INGE GROGNARD — I follow my instinct, which gives you ups and downs in your career. Money was never the driving force, and my instinct told me in almost every case to believe in the people I work for. I do not regret anything I have done, and thanks to all those people — designers, stylists, hairdressers, photographers — I still feel an enormous passion about my work.

OLIVIER ZAHM — Are you ready to quit a job if people don’t respect and follow your idea?

INGE GROGNARD — It has never been an issue because I work only with people with whom there is mutual respect and an open mind. It’s never about ego. I try to avoid that.

OLIVIER ZAHM — Why do you still live in Belgium?

INGE GROGNARD — Because my roots are here, and it’s a country that feeds my creativity.

OLIVIER ZAHM — Why is beauty such a conservative world, strangely divided between “natural looks” and “glamour,” as if there is no other choice for women?

INGE GROGNARD — Good question. I am still waiting for a brand that leaves this behind and goes for a more radical interpretation. When they ask me, I will immediately say, “Yes!”


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Purple 76 Index issue #29 S/S 2018

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