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[April 2 2020] : film

Purple Paradiso: ‘Fitzcarraldo’ by Werner Herzog, 1982, Your Movie Of The Day Curated By Savannah Nolan and Olivier Zahm

Fitzcarraldo is an epic film about a man with a dream — to build an opera house in the middle of the uninhabitable and dangerous Peruvian jungle. The lead character, played by Klaus Kinski, calls himself Fitzcarraldo, referencing his abiding love of opera music. Few motion pictures have captured the frenzied power of obsession as effectively as Werner Herzog’s masterpiece. Portraying a mad enthusiast determined to build an opera house, against the backdrop of 19th-century capitalism running amok, the film embodies the personality of its director, who has often been called megalomaniacal, enigmatic, ultra-disciplined, and psychotic — bent on telling his stories as truthfully and as raw as possible. For Herzog, whose films often walk the line between reality... Read More

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