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— Purple 76 Index issue #29 S/S 2018

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multiple personality
cosmetic wonder
3-d beauty

self-portrait by ISAMAYA FFRENCH

MAURIZIO CATTELAN — How much ego is involved in your posts on Instagram?

ISAMAYA FFRENCH — Enough that I should be making more money from it at this point.

MAURIZIO CATTELAN — Would you state that your online profile is part of you in real life, or is it just a cooler alter ego?

ISAMAYA FFRENCH — I’ve got two accounts. One’s got 126,000 followers, the other’s got about 26. Together, they sum me up pretty well.

MAURIZIO CATTELAN — Is it all about self-promotion?

ISAMAYA FFRENCH — Plus a bit of narcissism.

MAURIZIO CATTELAN — Do you give more consideration to a positive comment from a stranger or a negative one from a friend?

ISAMAYA FFRENCH — I couldn’t care less either way. My posts probably please and offend simultaneously.

MAURIZIO CATTELAN — Which of your posts got the most likes?

ISAMAYA FFRENCH — One of my feet using household objects, like game consoles and broccoli as high heels.

MAURIZIO CATTELAN — Do you follow the same rules in Instagram posting as you do in your work in real life?

ISAMAYA FFRENCH — There’s a lot more cleavage on Instagram — let’s put it like that.

MAURIZIO CATTELAN — Which Instagram profile do you wish you knew?

ISAMAYA FFRENCH — @ArnoldSchwarzenegger or the curator of @LadBible.

MAURIZIO CATTELAN — If anyone could go back in time to your first post, what would he/she find?

ISAMAYA FFRENCH — Crap filters.

MAURIZIO CATTELAN — Do you ever delete an image after posting it?

ISAMAYA FFRENCH — Occasionally.

MAURIZIO CATTELAN — Which is the worst error you can make in posting? Why?

ISAMAYA FFRENCH — Spelling errors. You can’t hide stupidity,

MAURIZIO CATTELAN — For whom are you posting?

ISAMAYA FFRENCH — For you, but you never like my pics.

MAURIZIO CATTELAN — Is online representation transforming the way we think and produce artworks?

ISAMAYA FFRENCH — This is an essay question. Yeah, in that now we create images that are influenced by a 2-D interface, rather than being immersed in an experiential and sensorial environment. To be inspired by a forest, we look at a picture of a forest, rather than visiting one and absorbing a 360-degree essence of that forest. So, somehow connections to art are becoming emotionally “flatter”?

MAURIZIO CATTELAN — Do you feel like your work is against the system? Which system?

ISAMAYA FFRENCH — I just do what I do, man. That’s for other people to decide.

MAURIZIO CATTELAN — How would you feel if we state that you’re an artist?

ISAMAYA FFRENCH — Better than if you stated that I’m a dentist.


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Purple 76 Index issue #29 S/S 2018

Table of contents

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