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LA Icons: The triLAgy Takeover

Purple TV presents Ivan Olita’s 3 part series “triLAgy” focused on iconic characters in LA. “The reason I decided to shoot a series about iconic characters in LA lies in the need of celebrating the city through the people that shaped its cultural relevance during the years in which the city was not cool nor hyped up or rich of stimuli as it is today,” explains director Ivan Olita.“I also decided to pick characters that, although consistent and important, always operated below the mainstream circuit. All of these people have something that specifically defines the social landscape they inhabit yet something is not as it seems.”

Here Purple TV exclusively premieres the short film Amazing Angelyne. Shot in Los Angeles, the film captures Angelyne, an LA phenomenon who is known for putting up a number of billboards with her image around LA in the 80s (on the forefront of the famous for being famous trend) and is frequently spotted driving her pink corvette on Sunset Boulevard.

[March 30 2016] : love

Amazing Angelyne by Ivan Olita

“At first glance, James represents the archetypal Beverly Hills billionaire… Advanced in age, he lives in a house that could be owned by a James Bond villain who is constantly surrounded by beautiful ladies… but the truth is that when I met him, and got to know him better, he proved himself as a very delicate, loving and compassionate person. He invested all he had in time, resources and efforts in his house and it seems to me he always strived to be himself at the cost of being somehow alone which I believe it’s a price you’d have to pay to cherish your individuality,” explains director Ivan Olita. “It’s almost as if he’s like... Read More

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