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[March 30 2016] : love

Amazing Angelyne

Amazing Angelyne by Ivan Olita

Purple TV exclusively presents Amazing Angelyne, the last installment of Ivan Olita’s LA Icons: The triLAgy series.

As Olita explains, “Angelyne is the only woman of the series and her image definitely speaks for itself. She is the quintessential embodiment of Hollywood – vapid, blonde and inconsistent yet there’s something deeper than that, as her quest for fame seems to be almost performative and not really finalized to a specific outcome in the show business. This is partly because she had her shot 20 years ago but also because somehow she is – and has always been – very independent. In that sense, she has been terribly forward-thinking. The famous for being famous trend that is now -sadly- so embedded into our society acquires a new and deeper meaning when seen through her billboards. It is impressive how she came up with the idea of creating her own media distribution platform way before the concept of an independent media distribution platform ever existed. She is a true visionary.”

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