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[March 30 2016] : love

Wonder Mark

Wonder Mark by Ivan Olita

The owner of notorious tattoo shop Shamrock Social Club, situated on Los Angeles’s Sunset Strip, Mark Mahoney is known for both his pioneering artistry and high profile clients, ranging from Tupac to David Beckham and Lana Del Rey – the latter of whom he starred opposite in the pop siren’s videos for “West Coast” and “Shades of Cool”. ”

“Mark is more of the “soul” side of the city. He’s more about street life. At least this is where he started from. He experienced it all, from bottom to the top and this is what I like about him. He is a very elegant man but his elegance, as his work, speaks across the spectrum. It’s 360º fascination: he appeals to gang members and haute couture designer alike. And the beauty of it all is that he doesn’t seem to care about the praises of the one nor the other,” says director Ivan Olita.“He does his own thing in a very empathic way, he seems to always know something more than you, yet he won’t disclose it, and that is very representative of the soul of the city. LA always represents more than what you could see or imagine, and won’t be easily disclosed.”

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