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Dries Van Noten TV Takeover

One sixth of the renowned Antwerp Six, Dries Van Noten is one of the foremost uncompromising designers out there today. Not one to give into trends or hype, he continues his journey through the past and present and into the future through his collections which reflect his vast cultural knowledge.

Though he’s no stranger to being asked to shed a light on his inspirations, in 2014 the designer revealed his creative process with his solo exhibition “Inspirations” at the Musée des Arts Decoratifs in Paris, we wanted to delve a little closer particularly in scope of video.

In the run up to his F/W 2017 women’s show to be held in Paris on March 1st and to celebrate the release of his upcoming documentary Dries, we asked the Belgium designer to select some videos that he loves for his own Purple TV Takeover. Expect outsiders, dance, and elegance.

[February 27 2017] : love

Dries Van Noten TV Takeover – Loie Fuller’s Danse Serpentine (1897) by The Lumière Brothers

“I greatly liked the way Lisa married movement in still images with audio narrative to tell a bitter sweet story of a revered figure that was hard to love.” — Dries van noten

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