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The Veils TV Takeover

After the huge success of their show in Los Angeles artists and curators JHORDAN DAHL and ARIANA PAPADEMETROPOULOS are pleased to present a series of films selected from artists participating in the VEILS exhibition. Reflecting the theme of Veils the show offered various interpretations of act of concealment. Historically, the veil is a fabric used to hide or protect the face, yet it also has extended over time to include any mechanism that obscures, conceals, disguises, separates, shrouds, masks, and even contradictory-reveal. We chose to select videos from the artists JONAH FREEMAN and JUSTIN LOWE, ALLISON SCHULNIK, and MARNIE WEBER as their work often investigates ideas of illusion, facades, and myth; especially in the following films. We hope that you enjoy these films as much as we do.

JONAH FREEMAN and JUSTIN LOWE’s film “Black Acid Co-Op” features a series of drug advertisements, commercials, and a trailer from their upcoming film The Starchamber from their fictional world of the San San International.

ALLISON SCHULNIK’s film “Mound” reveals her world of characters as they morph into one another through her techniques in claymation. The moody melodramatic soundtrack “It’s Raining Today” by legendary musician Scott Walker perfectly reflects the simultaneous solidarity and isolation in her world of rejects, misfits and their landscapes.

The last film featured in this takeover is the exclusive online premiere of “Destiny and Blow Up Friends” from Los Angeles based artist MARNIE WEBER. Weber has been intertwining an elaborate narrative of fantasy and fiction through music, collage, sculpture and film since the late 1970’s. Not only an artist, Weber is musician who has released two solo albums, has designed the cover for Sonic Youth’s album “A Thousand Leaves,” is married to artist JIM SHAW, and recently had a large-scale installation at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, which is now part of their permanent collection. She’s represented by Praz-Delavallade, Paris.

[June 11 2014] : art

Veils Curates: Black Acid Co-op by Jonah Freeman & Justin Lowe

Purple TV and Veils presents the online exclusive of Marnie Weber’s film Destiny and Blow Up Friends. Filmed at the Salton Sea, which is a large dying, polluted salt lake in California. Destiny is a sailor who finds herself without a boat in a dry wasteland. She sets out on a journey through the surreal landscape while blow-up animals follow and cling to her as she bravely shoulders the responsibility of being their caretaker. Tragically the blow-up animals mysteriously deflate and “Destiny” takes them on their final journey to the sea in a boat called Fate.

Destiny and Blow Up Friends, 1995

Super 8 film, color

TRT – 6:25

NFS – artist collection

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