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BFI Film Festival Highlights

To celebrate it’s 60th Anniversary, we selected our favorite films that premiered at this years BFI Film Festival in London, including the non-fiction thriller “Kate Plays Christine,” a documentation of actress Kate Lyn Sheil in preparation to play Christine Chubbuck, a Florida newscaster who committed suicide live on air in 1974.

[October 14 2016] : art

BFI Film Festival highlights: Christine trailer by Antonio Campos

Paul Verhoeven‘s psychological thriller is his first film in 10 years, since the premiere of Black Book. Starring Isabelle Huppert, it tells a story of Michèle, a head of a leading video game company and ruthless character, who gets attacked by an unknown assailant. As she decides to track him down, she finds herself in the middle of a mysterious game.

Purple will highlight some of the best films showing at this years BFI Film Festival in London to celebrate it’s 60th Anniversary. Click here to see more

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