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Dame Vivienne Westwood takes over Purple TV this week!

Purple TV is pleased to announce an exclusive Takeover from Dame Vivienne Westwood. The legendary fashion designer and political activist picked five of her favorite and most inspiring videos to be shown on Purple TV to celebrate the release of her latest book “Get a Life: The Diaries of Vivienne Westwood.”

Published by Serpent’s Tail, and available to buy now on viviennewestwood.com, “Get a Life” documents the latest 6 years of The British Dame of Punk, Climate Revolution, fashion and activism.

“The Human Race: Our Survival. We are an endangered species. Our survival depends on becoming more human; for that we each need to engage with the world – not consume but live in harmony. I suggest:

a) when possible prepare your own food (‘Do it Yourself’). My own diet is without meat or grains. I am one of the world’s privileged people and can choose what I eat. Fruit and vegetables is my preferred food, delicious and aspirational. It is convenient to prepare and the most efficient for your body to use, supplying all the goodness and energy you need;

b) engage with the past through culture in order to understand the present. This will give you an anchor in life and a sense of personal progress;

c) inform yourself about climate change, listen to scientists; your outlook and behaviour will change ”
— Vivienne Westwood from “Get a Life”

Watch The Weather Underground, the first video from her takeover here!

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Vivienne Westwood TV Takeover / The Weatherman – The Weather Underground

Vivienne Westwood TV Takeover / The Weatherman – The Weather Underground

“I have been reading John Pilger’s books and articles since 1986 when he published his book, “Heroes”.  In that book – the section on the Vietnam war where John worked as a reporter – the lengths America went to, to impose supremacy, to establish world hegemony – and create hell – are beyond belief, beyond the imagination of the Devil. You must watch an incredible film to find out what was going on in America. The Weathermen were fighting, the Vietnam war at home.” — Vivienne Westwood

Weatherman, also known as Weathermen and later the Weather Underground Organization, was an American left wing extremist organization that carried out a series of bombings, jailbreaks, and riots from 1969 through... Read More

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Vivienne Westwood TV Takeover – Pig Business

Vivienne Westwood TV Takeover – Pig Business by Tracy Worcester

“We dedicated our MAN Spring/Summer 2015 show to promote Tracy Worcester’s campaign to stop factory farming pigs” – Vivienne Westwood

For her second video in her Purple TV Takeover, Vivienne Westwood selects the powerful documentary Pig Business which showcases the rise of factory pig farming and the true costs of cheap meat. From the Vivienne Westwood MAN, Spring/Summer 2015 show release, the designer proclaims:

“Imagine Tracy Worcester, now approaching middle age, a few years ago getting on a plane to Poland with a plan of operation and an aim to expose the cruelty to pigs, the inefficiency and the pollution caused by factory farming. All undercover she made a film called ‘Pig Business’.
I saw it. Can you imagine... Read More

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Vivienne Westwood TV Takeover – Green Gas Mills

Vivienne Westwood TV Takeover – Green Gas Mills by Ecotricity

“I first met Dale Vince from Ecotricity in July of this year. Ecotricity is a green energy company that delivers 19 per cent of our electricity supply. Dale is now challenging government imposition of fracking policy (80 per cent of our population is against it) by applying for planning permission for Green Gas, offering farmers money for the grass in their field instead of them agreeing to the danger of fracking.
If NGOs would announce their support for
Ecotricity by asking all of us to switch our energy supply to green energy that would stop antipeople subsidy (it’s our money) for fossil fuels (for the benefit of investors: first... Read More

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Vivienne Westwood TV Takeover – Be There

Vivienne Westwood TV Takeover – Be There by Mic Righteous x Vivienne Westwood & Tone

Be There begins with Vivienne Westwood’s ‘Intellectuals Unite Climate Revolution’ rap, her assessment on the current state of migration, perpetual war and the floods and hurricanes being overpassed or falsified by the media. The powerful introduction urges listeners to speak with one voice at a time when “everyone is talking but only our Map gives the complete picture”.

“Murdering mainstream media, killing us with confusion, scatterbrains, bits of information, lies, non-stop distraction… Intellectuals tell the truth” – Vivienne Westwood

Mic Righteous x Vivienne Westwood & Tone “Be There”  is available to order here


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Vivienne Westwood TV Takeover – Europe is Lost

Vivienne Westwood TV Takeover – Europe is Lost by Kate Tempest

“On Nov 29th 2015 – We attended a March to stop climate change. Hyde Park Corner to Houses of Parliament. Politicians have abdicated their responsibility to care for people. They don’t know what they’re doing. We know what we must do.
Every one of the 70,000 who came on the march is an intellectual. The speeches were superb. This was drama of the highest order. Kate Tempest is a transcendent force: I was there!” — Vivienne Westwood 

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