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BFRND TV Takeover

Purple has the pleasure of inviting the founder and voice of BFRND Loïk Gomez to take over Purple Television and talk about his musical research and references by choosing a series of four videos.
The French duo is the mastermind behind the fashion show soundtracks of Balenciaga and Vetements and is currently working on AFTERLIFE, a new album mixing New Wave and Rave that – according to Loïk – “will tell you stories, make you dance and maybe even cry”.

[January 22 2018] : music

BFRND TV Takeover – Punish Yourself “Rock N Roll Machine”

When I composed the soundtrack I always kept the show venue in my mind. The flea market of St-Ouen is dark and dusty. Walking in the alleys is an overload of visual informations from golden cristal chandeliers to design furniture. I wanted to recreate this spirit in the music, mixing rave and cinematic violins followed by industrial guitars. It’s funny how during the show you could actually see the youth banging their heads to the 150BPM and the scared faces of the shop dealers from the market — BFRND

Video by Matthieu Lemaire-Courapied

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