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Mac DeMarco TV Takeover dedicated to Prince

Today marks one week after the death of the legendary and innovative musician and actor Prince. Exclusively for Purple TV, fan and musician Mac DeMarco has selected a series of his favorite Prince moments for his TV Takeover.

“One of my all time favorite artists, Prince, passed away on April 21, 2016. Previously he made an effort to make sure the majority of his music and live performances were removed from the internet when posted, but for the past few days almost as if in memoriam a ton of clips and interviews have been popping up. Here’s a selection of some of those clips that I’ve come across the past week or so that I feel highlight how interesting and how pimp the dude was. Enjoy.” – Mac DeMarco

[April 28 2016] : music

Mac DeMarco TV Takeover dedicated to Prince / Prince’s MTV Video Awards Performance (1991) by MTV

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