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Sam Falls TV Takeover

Sam Falls represents the new generation of creators that push the boundaries of traditional art mediums. The San Diego-born, LA-based multi-disciplinary artist considers raindrops and sun rays as his major working tools, leaving fabrics, canvases and other materials outdoors so that they can fade and compose his artworks.

From large-scale paintings to collage-like photographs, experiment lays at the basis of Falls’ practice, driven by the feelings of melancholia, purity and artist’s personal pursuit of beauty.

Now, Falls traces back the roots of photographic craft, occupied with black and white imagery.  Speaking of art on a recent Glendale studio tour he gave to Purple, he said : “It’s much more of a slow burn than music. Music for me is the most immediate emotional influencer. Sometimes I wish I was a musician rather than an artist. ”

A honoree at this year’s Hirshhorn Museum’s 41st Anniversary New York Gala, Falls departs from art to take us on a journey of his music fascinations for his Purple TV Takeover.

[October 25 2016] : Television

Sam Falls TV Takeover – Stevie Nicks “Wild Heart”

“I think this is the first video I saw of Deerhunter right after their first album came out. It made me like them even more.” – Sam Falls

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