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[February 12 2014] : travel

El Espacio Sagrado

El Espacio Sagrado by Ivan Olita

Purple TV presents a stunning portrait of the Elder Elder Brothers and Ciudad Perdida, the archaeological site of an ancient city in Sierra Nevada, Colombia, by Ivan Olita. They call themselves the Elder Brothers. They call us the younger brothers. It feels they have been around since the beginning of time preserving their ancestral ways of life, maintaining a rich culture and continuing in the education of their so-called “Mamas”, priests and wise men trained since their childhood both to preserve and work in the spirit world. They never wrote anything, they just keep on transmitting their knowledge orally. These people are the natives belonging to Colombia. These people are in touch with nature. Really in touch. And nature serves them. She speaks to them, and to you, when you walk 10 hours a day for 4 days to reach Ciudad Perdida, or Teyuna, an astonishing and complex city built over three thousand years ago in the middle of the deepest jungle you could ever imagine. So, when Nature speaks, that’s pretty much what it is, there’s not much to say, just to listen.

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