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Vivienne Westwood TV Takeover – Pig Business

Vivienne Westwood TV Takeover – Pig Business by Tracy Worcester

“We dedicated our MAN Spring/Summer 2015 show to promote Tracy Worcester’s campaign to stop factory farming pigs” – Vivienne Westwood

For her second video in her Purple TV Takeover, Vivienne Westwood selects the powerful documentary Pig Business which showcases the rise of factory pig farming and the true costs of cheap meat. From the Vivienne Westwood MAN, Spring/Summer 2015 show release, the designer proclaims:

“Imagine Tracy Worcester, now approaching middle age, a few years ago getting on a plane to Poland with a plan of operation and an aim to expose the cruelty to pigs, the inefficiency and the pollution caused by factory farming. All undercover she made a film called ‘Pig Business’.
I saw it. Can you imagine getting that together? Actually doing it! I expect Tracy didn’t know where to start, but she found a way.
I became Tracy’s friend for life.

No animal should be born to suffer; it was like Bedlam on a mass scale for pigs: sickness, death and lunacy – of pigs.
We don’t need this to happen.

Visit her website www.farmsnotfactories.org  – She will explain that one American- owned company controls more than a quarter of the processed-pork market in the US and is now expanding in the UK and Europe. It is estimated that 70% of the 970,000 tonnes of pig meat that the UK imports each year does not meet UK welfare standards and yet retailers are entitled to label foreign meat as ‘British’ if it has been
processed here.

I asked Tracy what can we do?”

“The most important thing is to avoid eating meat from animal factories and always ask where your meat comes from, whether you are buying it in a supermarket or eating it in a restaurant or café. And join me in signing the petition boycott meat from animal factories.”



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