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Olaf Breuning TV Takeover

The inspiration to create my work mostly comes from movies. I’m sitting in the couch and watching a film and all of a sudden there’s a scene where I think “uhh, that is genius.” For sure the older I get and the more information that floats around in this world, it seems to take longer to come across these kinds of moments. But it still happens. The video clips selected are a few examples where my guts start to rumble and I feel connected to something bigger. Don’t ask me to what, for I would need a shrink to explain that. Text Olaf Breuning

Olaf Breuning’s current show “The Life” ends on August 7th at Metro Pictures, New York.

[August 3 2015] : love

Olaf Breuning TV Takeover / They Live (1988) Fight scene by John Carpenter

“Just a beautiful fantasy.” – Olaf Breuning

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