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Katerina Jebb TV Takeover / A Documentary about Hugh Hefner (1963)

Katerina Jebb TV Takeover / A Documentary about Hugh Hefner (1963) by Showtime Shorts

“I have a life long obsession with Hugh Hefner to the point of asking him to sign a self portrait of my breasts, which he kindly agreed to do. This documentary shot in 1963 depicts a long lost world of decadence juxtaposed with poignant observations from those close to him, impossible to watch and not feel inspired to live more freely.” – Katerina Jebb

“Progress necessarily requires the exchange of outdated ideas for new and better ones. By keeping open all lines of communication in our culture, every new idea–no matter how seemingly perverse, improper or peculiar, has its opportunity to be considered, to be challenged, and ultimately to be accepted or rejected by society as a whole or by some small part of it. This is the important advantage that a free society has over a totalitarian, for in a free exchange of ideas, the best will ultimately win out.” – Hugh Hefner

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