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[July 12 2014] : Television

Katerina Jebb TV Takeover / Agnes Martin Interview (1997)

Katerina Jebb TV Takeover / Agnes Martin Interview (1997) by Chuck Smith and Sono Kuwayama

“The paintings of Agnes Martin emanate a powerful energy which you have to stand in front of to fully understand. She considered herself an abstract expressionist, favoring geometric structure of uniform bands of evanescent colour and hand drawing pencil lines on six foot square canvases. Art’s value for her was in its ability to counteract negative thoughts and emotions, promote psychic calm over chaos, and establish stability in a world of unpredictable and potentially shattering change. One of her lectures given at Yale university was titled ‘We are in the midst of reality responding with joy.’ In this video made in 1997 when she was 85, Agnes Martin tells us simply how she tries not to think or have any ideas.” – Katerina Jebb

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