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[December 14 2016] : love

Vivienne Westwood TV Takeover – Green Gas Mills

Vivienne Westwood TV Takeover – Green Gas Mills by Ecotricity

“I first met Dale Vince from Ecotricity in July of this year. Ecotricity is a green energy company that delivers 19 per cent of our electricity supply. Dale is now challenging government imposition of fracking policy (80 per cent of our population is against it) by applying for planning permission for Green Gas, offering farmers money for the grass in their field instead of them agreeing to the danger of fracking.
If NGOs would announce their support for
Ecotricity by asking all of us to switch our energy supply to green energy that would stop antipeople subsidy (it’s our money) for fossil fuels (for the benefit of investors: first battle won).” — Vivienne Westwood 


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