Purple Diary

[December 13 2016]

Shanghai K11 Art Mall and K11 Art Foundation introduce a Vivienne Westwood show titled “GET A LIFE”: a fusion of fashion and art, through the lens of activism.

The exhibition, co-curated by K11 and Westwood, traverses six themes from cutting edge fashion to environmental advocacy, and invites contemporary Chinese artists to respond to the icon’s work and vision within the same space.

The installation will thus pose questions and prompt debates: can fashion be the vehicle that changes our environment? How will Westwood’s inspiring journeys in design, art and activism, in turn, motivate China and the rest of the world?
In response to the theme, and furthering K11 Art Foundation’s commitment to incubating emerging talent in Greater China, the sixth theme will feature artwork of seven Chinese artists and an artist group, including Sun Xun, Wu Junyong, Zhang Ruyi, Yu Honglei, Wang Congyi, Nathan Zhou and Zhu Xi.

“We need art lovers because we are dangerously short of culture, which means we are short-sighted, blinkered in our thinking,” says Dame Vivienne Westwood, “Great art aims at perfection and is timeless; there is no progress in art… art is true.”

The exhibition opens from December 20th 2016 at K11 art museum, B3, K11 Art Mall, Huaihai M Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai.

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Photo Juergen Teller

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