Purple Art

[September 5 2013]

Olaf Breuning’s “The Grid” at Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern

“Unfortunately I can’t paint“, Olaf Breuning maintains with regret. At the same time – or perhaps precisely because of this – he has been experimenting for a long time with colour. Known for his daring view on things and his continual re-discovery of himself, he will make visitors work and through their collaboration allow art to come into existence. In the Felix Klee room of the Zentrum Paul Klee, Breuning has thought up a concept for a gigantic mural, which for the duration of the exhibition will be created through the participation of visitors. The centre of interest is the procedure. This is determined partly by the situation at the outset that Breuning creates by placing hundreds of trays with cups filled with various different colours in a grid-like form on the wall. The visitors to the exhibition will throw balls at them so that the colours splash onto the wall. The advancement of the work processes can either be followed on different channels or through repeated visits. The artist surrenders the completion of his work of art to the public and in so doing also to chance. In this way Breuning makes the intensely charged moments in the production of the art work visible, oscillating between genial creation and coincidence or between concept and expressive execution. “The Grid” is on show until November 10th at Zentrum Paul Klee, Monument im Fruchtland 3 Postfach, CH-3000, Bern. Photo and text ZPK

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