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— The Cosmos Issue #32 F/W 2019


The Cosmos — the universe considered as a system with an order, as opposed to chaos — is not a new idea. But today it’s a subject of fascination and an inspiration for everyone, especially the scientists, artists, designers, writers, and philosophers in this issue. They remind us how each part of reality is cosmically interconnected and how we are made from its very elementary particles, going back to the beginning of time.

It’s the broadest mirror of who we are and what we want for ourselves and for the future. Its presence ricochets through the ongoing explorations of time and space and through architecture, art, science, food, music, literature, and fashion.

But looking up at the stars now also serves as a grounding reminder of the disasters we’re facing here on planet Earth. The countdown to a possible apocalypse has to be the priority for everyone, including the fashion world. For the younger generation, which has a global view of the planet and a clear understanding of the dangers we are facing, the Cosmos also represents a new dimension to explore in a period of ecological and political anxiety.

In this issue, we address possibilities for a re-enchantment with the Cosmos. On the cusp of a new decade, we also look at the renaissance now underway, one that may open up fantastic new possibilities. Or not.

— Olivier Zahm

[Table of contents]

The Cosmos Issue #32 F/W 2019

Table of contents

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