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Rinko Kawauchi

Self-portrait by Rinko Kawauchi

on (women) photographers


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MAURIZIO CATTELAN — Do you mind being called a photographer?
RINKO KAWAUCHI — I’m fine with it.

MAURIZIO CATTELAN — Do you remember your first picture?
RINKO KAWAUCHI — I don’t specifically remember, no, but I do remember the first vivid memory of me taking pictures being during a high
school field trip.

MAURIZIO CATTELAN — How did photography start for you?
RINKO KAWAUCHI — When I was in college, my major was graphic design, but once a week I also took a photography class, so I was able to study about it there.

MAURIZIO CATTELAN — Is there anything that helps the creative process?
RINKO KAWAUCHI — It helps a lot to take time to think while making prints in the darkroom, as well as reading books, etc.

MAURIZIO CATTELAN — Is inspiration for your images a matter of distraction or of being focused?
RINKO KAWAUCHI — I think it depends on how you physically feel.

Untitled, from the series Ametsuchi, 2012

MAURIZIO CATTELAN — How long does it take to get the picture you have in mind?
RINKO KAWAUCHI — It’s not so much about a single picture, but to create a complete work, it usually takes up to about four years.

MAURIZIO CATTELAN — Do you title your photos? How do you decide?
RINKO KAWAUCHI — I don’t title any of my individual photographs whatsoever, but rather I attach a title to the overall work. I select and give the works titles that are latent with multiple meanings.

MAURIZIO CATTELAN — Is narration part of your work?
RINKO KAWAUCHI — I create my own version of a sort of story that’s abstract and poetic.

MAURIZIO CATTELAN — What is your relationship with technology?
RINKO KAWAUCHI — I believe it’s simply being able to capably work hand-in-hand with the things of our modern age.

MAURIZIO CATTELAN — Is photography without a camera possible nowadays?
RINKO KAWAUCHI — You can make a work of photography without having to take a picture yourself. I haven’t attempted it, however.

MAURIZIO CATTELAN — Is it true that today everyone can become a photographer?
RINKO KAWAUCHI — I guess that depends on what your definition of a photographer is. I myself am not really sure.

MAURIZIO CATTELAN — Is your work about creativity or about being a good observer?
RINKO KAWAUCHI — It’s about both.

MAURIZIO CATTELAN — Is fake the newest version of reality?
RINKO KAWAUCHI — I’m sorry, I don’t think I understand the question.

MAURIZIO CATTELAN — Is there any difference between a picture and a painting?
RINKO KAWAUCHI — They’re simply different because they are two different things.

MAURIZIO CATTELAN — Who lies more, a photographer or a painter?
RINKO KAWAUCHI — I don’t know who lies more, really. That’s a hard question.

MAURIZIO CATTELAN — Do you feel comfortable in front of a camera?
RINKO KAWAUCHI — It depends on who is taking the picture, but for the most part I don’t feel comfortable with it.

MAURIZIO CATTELAN — Would you agree to shoot fashion?
RINKO KAWAUCHI — I do from time to time.

MAURIZIO CATTELAN — Have you ever regretted something that you shot?

Untitled, from the series Ametsuchi, 2012

MAURIZIO CATTELAN — Isn’t every picture that you take part of a disguised self-portrait?
RINKO KAWAUCHI — No, I don’t believe so.

MAURIZIO CATTELAN — Where does light come from?

MAURIZIO CATTELAN — What will your last picture be?
RINKO KAWAUCHI — I’m not sure.

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