Purple Magazine
— S/S 2008 issue 9

The Violinist

photographed by MARIO SORRENTI
collages by RITA ACKERMANN 


First, photographer Mario Sorrenti worked with stylist Camilla Nickerson, developing a fashion story about the futuristic decomposition of bodies in motion. Then, Hungarian artist Rita Ackermann appropriated Mario’s pictures and created large 3-D collages and paintings which she set between plexiglass panels. This is more than just a fashion shoot or a collaboration : the lines between artwork and photography are blurred and readjusted in a startling new way.

Suvi @ SUPREME, Christian Brylle @ FORD, models — Javier Villegas and Johnny Vicari, photographer’s assistants — Patrick Mackie and Rebecca Guinness, stylist’s assistants — Bob Recine @ THE WALL GROUP, hair — Aaron De Mey @ STREETERS, make-up — Philipp Haemmerle, set design and prop styling — Katie Fash, production — Pascal Dangin @ BOX LTD., printing


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S/S 2008 issue 9

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