Purple Magazine
— F/W 2008 issue 10


photographer TERRY RICHARDSON,
creative director OLIVIER ZAHM,


BEST OF THE SEASON: Andy Warhol once defined a good day as one that yielded a successful tape recording. He always carried a small tape recorder to record his conversations, which added a hypersensitive focus to just about any tête-à-tête. For DASH SNOW, a good day is one that yields a successful picture, collage, happening, or situation that expresses something about his art and way of life, both of which intimately involve his friends and family. He never separates art from life. Snow’s stylistic and artistic ability take him beyond the mundane, making him a role model for an excessive, unpredictable, and poetic lifestyle. He appears and disappears with regularity.
He follows his own rules. He doesn’t play the game. He runs from media attention. He’s punk, underground, aristocratic, beautiful, sexy, wild, calm, erratic, extremely generous, and totally free.

DASH SNOW is not simply an icon of personal style — whatever he wears looks good. Behind his perceived “hardcore” image and “excessive” behavior, DASH incarnates for a new generation of artists a pure opposition to violence, compromise, and corruption. His collages, gathered from supermarket tabloids and sensational newspapers like The New York Post, re-expose the horrific headlines of murder, torture, rape, and political disaster. Instead of swallowing the stories with his morning coffee, DASH refuses to accept these tragedies as banalities for banter. Nor does he accept these horrors as just numbing, inevitable occurrences. His refusal to be conditioned makes him a symbol of purity in stark contrast to the chaotic and cynical world he constantly tries to escape.

In his 2007 exhibition with Dan Colen, NEST, he filled the gallery Deitch Projects with a bed of shredded paper, as if for a Dionysiac rite, to celebrate the birth of his daughter, Secret. It’s no coincidence that for this shoot with TERRY, DASH brought along a few close friends, his girlfriend, JADE BERRAU, their daughter SECRET, Jade’s mother MARTINE MALLE, and DASH’S grandmother, CHRISTOPHE DE MENIL.





Seth Goldfarb, photographer’s assistant — Dana Veraldi, stylist’s assistant — Francelle @ MAGNET, make-up

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F/W 2008 issue 10

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