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— The Los Angeles Issue #30 F/W 2018

calvin klein 205w39nyc

los angeles
calvin klein 205w39nyc f/w 2018/19 with kyle maclachlan

photography by BRETT LLOYD

David Lynch says it all: “Kyle plays innocents who are interested in the mysteries of life. He’s the person you trust enough to go into a strange world with.” An impeccable actor, Kyle MacLachlan has a seemingly natural ability to embody the simple and the complex, the real with the surreal, the normal within the irrational, and an inwardness that remains unfazed by the unexpected. It turns out that he also has a love for fashion design and a great sense of style.

Marki Shkreli at BRYANT ARTISTS using MARKI HAIRCARE, groomer — Sarah Lequimener and Megan Mattson, stylist’s assistants — Wendell at STITCHED, tailor — Jesse Kaufmann at Frank Reps, set designer — Chloe Mina, producer

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The Los Angeles Issue #30 F/W 2018

Table of contents

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