Purple Magazine
— S/S 2009 issue 11

Vincent Darré & Elie Top

The multi-talented French designer VINCENT DARRÉ and his boyfriend ELIE TOP
photographed at home by MAX FARAGO
with a selection of the arresting and unusual objects he created for his exclusive Paris boutique.


“Childhood images flash like Polaroids in a labryinth, images in an analphabetic alphabet — an imaginary anarchy inventing a vocabulary — political parents vie with a fascination for cathedrals, pagan crypts, the artifice of death, the shame of mystical superstition — hypnotized by reliquaries, skeletons covered in gold and precious stones, mummies in vitrines, ex-votos, needlework, pendants, metaphysics, symbolism, sacristies, cemeteries, vestiges of memories — surrealistic allegories fueling an obsession — visits to abandoned houses, disaffected planets of dust, visions obscured by time and displacement — baroque forms, a genius in a cubistic lab, deco cinemas, X-rays, black-and-white, Technicolor — a patchwork of visions building a religion, my religion, my fantasies of the mockery of death, a dance of skeletons, an anatomical chart of a comic universe.”

Maison Darré, 32, rue du Mont Thabor, Paris

Samuel François, style — Joseph Pujalte @ ATELIER 68, hair — Alexandre Sjoeberg, photographer’s assistant — Antonio Pizzichino @ D-TOUCH, digital operator — Felipe Mendes, stylist’s assistant — Thanks to Lucien Pagès

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S/S 2009 issue 11

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