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— S/S 2009 issue 11

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André has tagged walls, cars, and girls all around the world with his “Mr. A” — more than 100,000 times. But he isn’t just another graffiti artist — he reinvented Paris nightlife, beginning with his illegal, ultra-hip raves, then working his way up to having his own nightclubs in Paris, New York, and Tokyo — and a hotel in Paris. He even publishes his own nightlife magazine, Purple Night/Wow, with our very own OZ. So it’s no accident that BELVEDERE IX vodka asked him to design their new bottle, and that André asked his friend Terry Richardson to shoot a story about it all, set at the BELVEDERE IX afterparty at André’s Hotel Amour in Paris.

photographed by TERRY RICHARDSON
night pictures by OLIVIER ZAHM

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S/S 2009 issue 11

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