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[February 3 2022] : Fashion

Denim Tears by Tremaine Emory X UGG
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Denim Tears by Tremaine Emory X UGG

A true multi-hyphenate creative, Tremaine Emory views art and design as means to the same end, shining an eclectic light on a cultural diaspora often overlooked through popular culture’s chasmic and monosyllabic lens.

Emory’s collaborates with UGG exploring his great-grandmother Onia’s Black Seminole heritage, incorporating inspiration found in associated iconography and craft techniques from the southeastern United States.

My grandmother is 95 years old. Once my grandmother goes, that’s it. There’s no one else for me to talk to in my family about my great-grandmother. She’s the last living person on Earth who knew my great-grandmother. How much more time does she have? Or do any of us have? So, this is my attempt to try to... Read More

Photos by Grain Cinema

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