Purple Fashion — Chloé Sevigny

[July 7 2015] : Magazine

Chloë Sevigny

New York — New Jersey — Connecticut

interview by GLENN O’BRIEN
photography by MARK PECKMEZIAN


I met the lovely Chloë Sevigny when she was very young, but she always seemed grown up, cool and wise. She still is, of course, but now she’s vintage cool, gorgeous, refined and sophisticated. And she’s still a great actress, a muse and culture hero. I met up with her for lunch at Il Buco in Manhattan, and straightaway she took me to task for some past slight.

CHLOË SEVIGNY – You’re not going to be mean to me are you?

GLENN O’BRIEN – No, why?
CHLOË SEVIGNY – You were mean to me last time. [LAUGHS]

GLENN O’BRIEN – I was! Why?
CHLOË SEVIGNY – I don’t know. I should be asking you.

GLENN O’BRIEN – Sometimes interviews just go badly for no reason. Do you know who Lene Lovich is?
CHLOË SEVIGNY – Was she like a one-hit wonder?

GLENN O’BRIEN – Maybe two. Anyway, I interviewed her, and I liked her and for some reason I offered her a joint. She smoked it and then she freaked out and ran.
CHLOË SEVIGNY – I can see that. I get the fear from mari-jew-ana. I wouldn’t be able to do that.

GLENN O’BRIEN – Maybe it’s more for guys.
CHLOË SEVIGNY – Marijuana is more for guys? Don’t be ridiculous!

GLENN O’BRIEN – Because it’s yin. Guys are really yang, and it makes a little adjustment.
CHLOË SEVIGNY – Maybe. I don’t know. In high school I was like around-the-clock. Then I hit a certain point in my life where it wasn’t working for me any more. It’s just like I had some sort of shift.

GLENN O’BRIEN – I probably would have started smoking pot when I was 14, but I couldn’t find it.
CHLOË SEVIGNY – I think I was 15.

GLENN O’BRIEN – My high school was in this kind of iffy neighborhood in Cleveland, and my mother said, “Don’t walk around that neighborhood; people will try to sell you drugs.” So I kept walking in bigger and bigger circles, but nothing ever happened. Were you a good high school student?
CHLOË SEVIGNY – I was not. No. I lost interest in a lot of things. I had a rough teen…rough high school experience.

GLENN O’BRIEN – Were you...

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