Purple Fashion — Prada

[April 7 2021] : Magazine

cover #8 prada s/s 2021


photography by COLIN DODGSON
interview by OLIVIER ZAHM
style by ERIN MEEHAN
all artwork ISABELLE ALBUQUERQUE, courtesy of the artist and nicodim gallery

OLIVIER ZAHM — So, your great show in Los Angeles gave me a feeling of freedom and beauty, celebrating a fearless expression of yourself in the middle of a dark period of social distancing and restriction. You offer your body as isolated sculptures, which is what made me think about you in relation to this concept of the “island.”
ISABELLE ALBUQUERQUE — I was thinking about it, too, when you brought up the island — because it’s an orgy, but it involves only one person. So, there’s something very island-like about that. In making them, I’m really interested in the power that comes from being connected to one’s own very specific desires in all their complexity.

ISABELLE ALBUQUERQUE — Like, what are my desires outside of all the judgment and oppression of desire itself? Sometimes, the answers to this question have an overwhelming depth and kink. But also, it’s almost impossible to think that way, right? Because we aren’t islands, although I’m glad you thought about that with them — because I feel they kind of have their own center of gravity. They are like islands of desire, which is possibly a powerful idea, but also possibly a very lonely one.

OLIVIER ZAHM — But we are all alone in our desire, right?
ISABELLE ALBUQUERQUE — Yeah, maybe. When I think about desire, our body, our island, or whatever we are, we have this very distinct beginning and end, right? We’re born, and we die, and I think artists and all people want to have some kind of eternalness, and maybe desire itself is a yearning for continuity. In most of life, our beginning and our end are very defined, but sometimes in sex when you’re with another person or with several other people, there are moments when these boundaries are more blurred. And if, for example, this sex also involves creating a child, well then, where one ends and where one begins become even less distinct. But maybe that’s why this orgy is different — because the dissolving of boundaries is occurring within one body, expressed through multiple materials.

OLIVIER ZAHM — It’s an orgy of...

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