Purple Fashion

[March 15 2021]

Prada S/S 2021, featuring Isabelle Albuquerque, in Purple #35 the Island issue

“It’s funny, there’s something I feel very strongly about — and maybe I’m alone here — but I feel that a lot of art today is about being right, not about being free. And I’m not interested in being right, at all. To me, this is not a concern of art.” — Isabelle Albuquerque interviewed by Olivier Zahm for Purple #35 the Island issue.

Style by Erin Meehan
Make-up by Homa Safar
Hair by Nikki Providence
All artwork by Isabelle Albuquerque, courtesy of the artist and Nicodim Gallery

Go to the Purple Boutique to purchase Purple #35 Spring Summer 2021 and discover the full story.

Photos by Colin Dodgson

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