Purple Travel

[August 22 2017]

A trip to the outskirts of Cuba

Cuba is where streamline never left, it is a memorabilia of 50’s american architecture and design, with hidden pearls scattered all around the island. It is a country of entrepeneurs and lovers. You will never see anyone begging for money and you will never witness the death of an american classic car. A land where the past is present.
However, Cuba is also an island of alienating infrastructure in which human souls can get lost. Havana, for instance, is surrounded by tongues of concrete, deserted plazas and inhabitated mid-century structures among which the iconic seafront curvy hotels with their empty pools. The outskirts of Cuba is where dreamy land turns into an urban dystopia. It is exactly this what infatued me and lead me in the creation of this series.

Text and photo Andrea Calvetti


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