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[May 15 2022]

A trip to Margate

PURPLE TEAM — What were your best and worst memories of the trip?
JULIA LAIRD —Best memory was swimming at morning in the freezing cold sea at Walpole Bay then getting out and going into the sauna at the side of the beach. The water was so cold this was probably also the worst memory.

PURPLE TEAM — What are your 3 Must-See sights?
JULIA LAIRD — Shell Grotto, Carl Freedman Gallery – Tracey Emin exhibition was fantastic and all the small galleries in Margate. The beach front and all the small bays along the coast.

PURPLE TEAM — Any special restaurant, accommodation, or activity that you’d recommend?
JULIA LAIRD — Places to eat: Botegga Caruso for pasta, sargasso – great food and wine. Stingray for nice wine and beers. Not sure where to stay as I always stay with friends where I go, but the Bed and Breakfasts look nice.

PURPLE TEAM — Share an anecdote from your trip?
JULIA LAIRD We went to a gallery opening at quench gallery then had delicious sea food on the sea front at Dory’s and watched the sun set over the sea.



Photos by Julia Laird


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