Purple Travel

[February 23 2015]

A trip to Havana and Trinidad, Cuba

In the light of America’s 50 year embargo coming to an end, I felt lucky to have visited Cuba when I did last September. I wanted to see if the place had an identity it was proud of, before it potentially changed. We drove from the airport into Havana. You could feel an all-encompassing heat as soon as you arrived in Cuba. Nearly as inescapable as the heat were the huge Communist billboards along the road, painted with pictures of Fidel Castro or Che Guevara. We stayed in Old Havana, which was a rundown but incredibly beautiful place. Kids everywhere asked us to take their pictures, they formed a group, slowly walking with us along the Malecón. A long concrete wall, separated the pavement from the sea, and in the evening, it filled with young and old people talking or admiring the sunset.

Text and photo Sophie Wedgwood


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