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[May 16 2022]

A trip to Naples

PURPLE TEAM — What were your best and worst memories of the trip?
SANTIAGO GONZÁLEZ SÁNCHEZ —It may sound a cliché but my trip to Naples was way perfect. My best kept memory would be the people; warm, traditional, extrovert and sassy. Everyone we crossed had something to share with us; anecdotes, songs, a laugh … They just wanted us to enjoy and experience Napoli and its touristic pillar aspect, from the streets that honor Sorrentini and Maradona to the traditions and personal experiences of the people there. The only downside of my trip was the flights of stairs I had to walk up to get to my airbnb, but I can’t complain, I was sleeping in a traditional Italian palace really close to the noisy squares I liked, with a huge terrace just for us, and it wasn’t expensive. My trip was way better than I expected; it’s the mood I’m always interested about, having fun, free of judgment and that’s what Napoli is all about.

PURPLE TEAM — What are your 3 Must-See sights?
SANTIAGO GONZÁLEZ SÁNCHEZ — The best part of the sight-seeing for me is walking around and getting lost with no expectations in the Spanish neighborhood, people are fun, particular, and there are plenty of specific markets. Naples in a city full of stimulations. There’s also the old roman city Pompey and the Vesuvius volcano for an escape into nature. It’s a must-see at least once in a life time.

PURPLE TEAM — Any special restaurant, accommodation, or activity that you’d recommend?
SANTIAGO GONZÁLEZ SÁNCHEZ — As I said before, I had no plans, and no expectations about my trip so I was just walking around and eating wherever something appealed to me which is basically everywhere. The Spanish neighborhood is full of amazing trattorias. Sorbillo’s pizza is a 10/10 but the queue to grab a pizza is so long, and the city offers you so many places to eat delicious pizzas, so I just wouldn’t do it. If you want to have a meal view, I remember eating in a restaurant at the top of Vesuvius’s volcano with a sunset, that just took my breath away.

PURPLE TEAM — Share an anecdote from your trip?
SANTIAGO GONZÁLEZ SÁNCHEZ — I could write 5 pages more. If I had to choose, one night we went out, and we met some Neapolitan guys, my friend wanted to hook up with one of them, who turned out to be a soprano opera singer. Totally perfect and random. The guy could come over on one condition, since I had to sleep on the sofa and give him my bed, he would have to sing “O sole mio” for me on my terrace. I got what I wanted; a live performance of an opera song to accompany my espresso the perfect start for another unexpected day in the city.


Photos by Santiago González Sánchez


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