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[October 20 2022]

A Trip to El Cotillo

PURPLE TEAM — What were your best and worst memories of the trip?


SHEREEN TABET- El Cotillo, on the western shoreline of Fuerteventura, is a small laid back fishing village, surf mecca, artist haven and van lifers dream. Situated in the Canary Islands- closer to Western Sahara than mainland Europe- it’s only a 4 hour 15 minute flight from London. Best memory- the views after summiting a volcano. Worst memory- forgetting my hat in the midday sun on top of a volcano and feeling the burn. (The name of the island means ‘strong wind’, and this constant lovely breeze can easily mask the real strength of the sun).


PURPLE TEAM — What are your 3 Must-See sights?

SHEREEN TABET- Mornings can be spent catching the best surf at Playa Del Castillo. A short bus ride away lies the impressive Volcano Calderon Hondo, which takes about 30 minutes to ascend and provides seriously impressive 360 views. Walk another hour and the Corralejo sand dunes come into view, leading to startlingly blue warm waters, with distant volcanoes towering in the background. It’s easy to see why this other worldly landscape was used as the setting for Star Wars. It leaves you feeling that you’ve truly been somewhere magical, a land far far away.

PURPLE TEAM — Any special restaurant, accommodation, or activity that you’d recommend?

SHEREEN TABET- Head to El Vacu on the old harbour for delicious seafood and Canary Island wines while listening to local musicians. The beautiful El Cotillo beach boasts white sand and lava rock shelters, where those wishing to be completely at one with nature can relax, while getting a tan line free glow, with some privacy! For a good stretch after a day of water sports, go to Sea Inside Yoga Studio. Finally, for treasure trove finds, Mouja boutique has a gorgeous selection of Moroccan textiles, art and jewellery.


Photos and Art by Shereen Tabet


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