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[May 12 2022]

A trip to the south of Italy

PURPLE TEAM — What is the best memory of the trip? 
LIMPHO PEARL — The best memory of this trip to the South of Italy with my friends is the recurring morning walks when we would wake up early in the morning, the air still cool, to go out picking and eating fresh figs.

PURPLE TEAM — What are your 3 Must-See sights?
LIMPHO PEARL — My top 3 must-see sights in the south of Italy, located in the regions of Puglia and Campania particularly, are the coastline of Santa Maria di Leuca, Cave di Fantiano, and the streets of Naples.

PURPLE TEAM — Any special restaurant that you’d recommend?
LIMPHO PEARL — In the South of Italy they have a lot of good products locally and it is quite easy to find good restaurants all around, usually quite cheap as well for the quality of food you get. When you find yourself in Naples, I highly recommend walking around and trying the street food. A must-try is the Napoletan Pizza a Portafoglio, Fritatina di Pasta, and Il Cuoppo Friggitori, or the fried seafood. When you are looking to get a taste of the regional cuisine, in a more luxurious, yet warm and hously setting, you should visit La Locanda Gesù Vecchio. This restaurant is located in the historic centre, serving the absolute best of the Naepolitan cuisine.

PURPLE TEAM — Do you have a fun anecdote from your trip?
LIMPHO PEARL — When we were staying along the coast of Puglia we would go swimming, wear goggles to watch the beautiful sea life underwater near the shore. We would talk about what we imagined could be swimming there frightening and exciting each other, though the only thing we ever witnessed while swimming were fishes and some shellfish. Then, our last night there by the coast, we encountered a local fisherman when we were getting out of the water. He was fishing by hand right at the shore where we had been swimming. I took a picture of the man with his big catch; the picture showed the fish swimming around there actually were big and quite petrifying, way beyond what we imagined to be swimming there.


Photos by Limpho Pearl van der Lugt


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