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[June 12 2023]

Mauritania series by Ivona Mirkovic

“The fascinating blend of Arabic and African cultures drew me to Mauritania. I began this adventure with a six-hour bus ride from Dakhla, one of the last cities in Western Sahara. At the border with Mauritania, my partner Yvan and I shared a car with two locals, traveling down to the country’s capital, Nouakchott. As most of the country lives within the Sahara Desert, it didn’t take long for us to wrap our heads in a hauli to protect ourselves from the sand, wind, and relentless sun.

While in Nouakchott we lodged at a guesthouse, gaining a deeper insight into the intricate ethnic and social structure of Mauritania. During their tea ceremonies, the owner and his friends shared their stories and enlightened us on their way of life.

The final stage of our journey involved a week-long excursion through the mesmerizing and ever-changing desert landscapes. We stopped at the villages that traverse the desert, where we would break for lunch, have some tea, or sleep over. But the climax of this expedition came aboard the infamous Iron Ore train, where we spent twenty hours admiring the breathtaking landscapes of this country. Awe-inspiring Mauritania captivated my heart and soul forever”.

Text and photos by Ivona Mirkovic


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