Purple Travel

[April 7 2023]

“Souvenirs” from Mallorca by Louis A. W. Sheridan

Check out London-based photographer Louis A. W Sheridan’s  SOUVENIRS series for Purple Travel, shot in Mallorca, Spain.

“A recurring feature around the idea of travel photography as a form of bottled nostalgia. How holding up a lens to the world can remove context, frame culture and supercharge our own experiences. The power of travel to expand perspectives is in part linked to our ability to recollect those defining moments.”

Here are some photographs from a long drawn-out spring on the island, where the slow sway of loud wildflowers was soundtracked by lazy waves breaking on time-worn concrete.

Casa Balandra was home, where dinner candles burnt until flames touched tablecloths, and a rotating cast of characters shared stories by the pool.

Cala Banyalbufar and Port de sa Pedra de s’Ase were the island’s scene-stealers. Even in a hectic high summer it’s not hard to hide from the crowds with a climb in the right direction.

In Palma the low growl of an idling scooter outside Bar La Sang  signals sundown, drink-up, on to the next. Small city, big fun. New dawn and straight to Cafè Riutort  for the ritual and word on the street.

A few final days in Sóller is where I felt the tempo shift gear as each new dawn pulled a once abstract summer ever closer.

Photos by Louis A. W. Sheridan


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