Purple Travel

[December 6 2013]

Kay Goldberg’s Miami Art Basel Diary Part I

I just got my drivers license a month ago, so i figured what better way to christen it than a road trip to Miami for Art Basel with three of the most amazing girls I know. Alexandra Marzella, Carly Mark, and Jane Moseley are my partners in crime on this voyage. We left Manhattan at 11:00 pm on December 3rd. We drove in four hour shifts through the night, stopping to stretch and pee and caffeinate at gas stations all down the eastern edge of America. In darkness speeding down 1-95 we talked about everything. We talked about fame and Kanye and what no one wants. we talked about psychopharmaceuticals and our pets and death. we talked about wetting the bed and our exes and skydiving. We stumbled into Miami sleep deprived and starving. I can’t wait for every day. Photo and text Kay Goldberg


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