Purple Diary

[December 6 2013]

Kay Goldberg’s Miami Art Basel Diary Part II

Dear Diary, Basel is weird. The only way to guarentee you wont be doing something is to make any kind of plan to do it. The whole place is sort of like a weird debaucherous sleep away camp for all of lower Manhattan and western Brooklyn, with some foreign exchange kids from Paris. There are no counselors, everyone eats candy for dinner and no one actually makes it to any of the activities. Theres amazing work going on and incredible things to see but most of the time is spent trying to figure out where you are going next and how you are getting there. I guess its not really different from the same scene in new york, except that you end up going to a bunch of things you wouldn’t go to in New York because hey, you’re in Miami. The Still House group show, Straight II Dvd had some amazing exciting work, Zachary Susskind and Alex Perweiler’s massage installation became a topic of conversation and dares, none of which were carried out, the strange silent reverie it evoked at first dissipated as the space next to the work became the sight for a kind of social pow wow on the carpeted floor of the office space turned gallery. A couple of outfit changes and hot tub dips later found us squeezing through the unbelievable masses at the Vfiles / DIS Magazine party, which i couldn’t even document because my arms were pinned to my side by other peoples sweaty bodies, and A$AP Rocky’s bouncer was slapping peoples phones out of their hands. After that we played pool and ate cookies in some giant house with Theophilus London and Micheal Quattlebaum (Mykki Blanco) and some french people. Photo and text Kay Goldberg

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