Purple Art

[December 9 2013]

Kay Goldberg’s Miami Art Basel Diary Part III

Dear Mom, Camp is fun. Had our first real meal today at Soho House, it was delicious but they didn’t really let us take pictures, probably because we were dressed like drunk babysitters. Then I went on a wilderness hike alone where i got lost and had to use the bathroom in an autobody/barber shop. We actually did some camp activities today! We went to NADA and saw some really good stuff, at The Still House, Marlborough, The Hole and Team Gallery booths especially. Then my friend Korakrit Arunanondchai performed an incredible piece at MoMA PS1 party with Boy Child. I couldn’t move my arms because I was literally in awe of the striking beauty of the Boy Child’s performance, which is why there are no pictures. Lets not forget though, that camp is mostly about people getting drunk and making out behind the arts and craft cabin and skinny dipping in the lake, and accordingly, after Boy Child’s the gut wrenchingly beautiful piece we once again found ourselves dancing like music video girls to Drake at the Bullett magazine party. love you mom, see you soon. send cookies and underwear. Photo and text Kay Goldberg

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