Purple Travel

[January 11 2017]

A climb to the mount Zeus (ZAS), the highest peak in the Cyclades in Naxos, Greece

Sophocles said that “…Zeus who oversees and directs all things is still mighty in heaven” When visiting the island Naxos in Greece again this year I went on yet another religious trip onto the peak that marks the birthplace of Zeus, the God in the sky. Every time I come back to the island I make my way up to the peak for a crystal clear view from the heart of the cyclades – Paros, Ios, Donousa, Koufonisia, Schoinousa, Keros and even Amorgos just a glimpse away.

Filoti marks the starting point in your journey to heaven. As the sun was slowly ascending I made my way up a stone-path passing the only locals that I could find here, goats. After a while the sun and I arrived at the well and cave where he was said to be born and we rested before making our way up to the top. Accompanied by eagles and goats in the silence of meditation, that’s where there is peace.

Photo Stefan Dotter


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