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[April 7 2014] : music

Silence Genius at Work

Silence Genius at Work by Katerina Jebb

To celebrate the 100th birthday of the late Madeleine Malraux today, Purple looks back at Silence a Genius at Work by Katerina Jebb. On her way to becoming a world-renowned pianist Madeleine Malraux survived two world wars, two husbands, and eight unpredictable decades. Once married to the French novelist, art theorist, and Minister for Cultural Affairs Andre Malraux, she has given concerts around the world performing mainly Erik Satie, her favourite composer, but also Debussy, Dmitri Shostakovich and Prokofiev. Here we see the richness of Malraux’s talent. This abstract study of self-possession and nonspecific ambition not only reflects in the playing of French pianist Malraux but also the brand Comme des Garcons whom Jebb collaborated with for the film.

Directed by Katerina Jebb as part of the Selfridges Film Project

Edited by Benjamin Ricart

Piano by Madeleine Malraux

Post-production by Premiere Heure Paris

This film was realized with ethe kind participation of Karin Muller and Berthold Muller of Gallery Gimpel & Muller Paris, Setsuko Klossowski de Rola, Rei Kawakubo, Adrian Joffe, Alain Malraux, Francois Marthouret, Jose Herkeens, Valentine Gomes Ferenczi at Psycho Paris, Louis Arcelin at Premiere Heure Paris, Sylvain Rety-Schmooze, Franck Mura, Jade Quentin, Jonathan Fischnaller, Salla Pesonen, and Emma Reeves


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