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[February 3 2014] : art

Lucid TV: Life Eraser starring Summer Moon Pinoteau Jebb

Lucid TV: Life Eraser starring Summer Moon Pinoteau Jebb by Katerina Jebb

In a global skincare market of 79.3billion dollars, Life Eraser Skin-Care for Children is a relatively new area of revenue, that is if it actually existed, for what is seen here is a hypothetical publicity film proposing skin care for children. Life Eraser opens with an ethereal blonde blue-eyed child looking into camera as a wind machine gently blows her hair, the child gestures with her hands as if applying an imaginary product and moments later she holds a small pot and lip- synchs the words “Life Eraser.” She takes a wand and outlines the products name, as we see numbers decreasing from 8 to 3. The rhetorical voiceover asks “why have the skin of an 8 year-old when you can have the skin of a 3 year-old.” Jebb exploits many obvious cliches employed in beauty films such as innocence, purification, anointment and offers the skin as a tabula rasa onto which is applied the promise of more youth. In a not so distant future anticipate the probable appearance of a commodity of a similar nature.

Starring Summer-Moon Pinoteau

Directed by Katerina Jebb

Edited by Benjamin Ricart at Premiere Heure, Paris

Music by Spencer Noble

Make-up and hair by Anouck Sullivan

Filmed at Studio Zero, Paris

Special thanks to Fred Lefort and Matphoto Paris

Clothing by Comme des Garcons

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