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[February 7 2014] : art

Lucid TV: Life Eraser starring Tilda Swinton

Lucid TV: Life Eraser starring Tilda Swinton by Katerina Jebb

In our last installment of Katerina Jebb’s 12-part series for Lucid TV, Tilda Swinton stars in the eerily beautiful publicity film for the nano-technology derived skin-care product Life Eraser. Delayed audio-visual effects and subliminal linguistic play suspend the viewer in a sense of discomfort whilst simultaneously declaring renewal and possibility. The contrasting image of ripe peaches displayed on a scanner for the Lucid TV title sequence, followed by a nuclear explosion are themes often present in Jebb’s hypothetical works. The film evokes disturbing references to Prometheus, the lone genius whose efforts to improve human existence also resulted in tragedy. In the protracted testimonial Swinton stated that Life Eraser is a humanitarian concern of global magnitude and categorically denied that the project was a money-spinning endeavor. Life Eraser, the future belongs to those who can buy it.

Starring Tilda Swinton

Directed by Katerina Jebb

Edited by Benjamin Ricart at Premiere Heure, Paris

Make-up by Carole Hannah at Airport Agency, Paris

Hair by Sebastien Le Corroller at Airport Agency, Paris

Assisted by Franck Mura and Michael Cleary

Clothing by Comme des Garcons

Digital Artist Yann Masson

Filmed at Brachfeld Paris

Special thanks to Claire Myhill and Brachfeld Paris

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