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[September 11 2015] : music

Kylie + Garibay feat. Shaggy – “Black and White”

Kylie + Garibay feat. Shaggy – “Black and White” by Katerina Jebb

Purple TV presents the world premiere of “Black and White” by Kylie + Garibay feat. Shaggy, directed by Katerina Jebb.

“There are certain things you will only do with or for your friends. When Katerina Jebb said she wanted to make a film of me like an old fashioned home movie in a tassel bikini, I knew we would produce something which speaks volumes of our friendship.  As best friends for over twenty five years, we have seen a lots of ups and downs.  This, however, was a moment to celebrate life and freedom and just let go.  No pressure, just love.  I admire her not only as an amazing individual, but her art and aesthetic is singular and beautiful,” said Kylie.

“Black and White” is taken from Kylie + Garibay’s upcoming self-titled EP, featuring Shaggy, Sam Sparro and Giorgio Moroder, available today for download and streaming.

Directed by Katerina Jebb
Edited by Benjamin Ricart

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