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[January 27 2014] : art

Lucid TV: Hot Dollar starring Tilda Swinton

Lucid TV: Hot Dollar starring Tilda Swinton by Katerina Jebb

“The greatest mystery is not that we have been flung at random between the profusion of the earth and the galaxies but that in this prison we can fashion images powerful enough to deny our nothingness”. So states Tilda Swinton as she lays atop a scanning machine reciting the French art theorist Andre Malraux as though auditioning for Shakespeare. The film which is presented here to the viewer is pure invention. Swinton continues in a behind the scenes interview admitting that acquiring a perfume campaign “Is what you set out to be an actress to do really, isn’t it?” When asked to talk about the actual fragrance she replies “Oh I can’t talk about the fragrance, have you smelled it?”

Film by Katerina Jebb

Starring Tilda Swinton

Edited by Benjamin Ricart at Premiere Heure Paris

Make-up by Sarah Reygate at My-Management

Tilda Swinton dressed by Comme des Garcons

“The Greatest Mystery” essay written by Andre Malraux

Thanks to Christophe Starkman at Why Us

Text by Dan Thawley

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