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[February 9 2024] : Television

“LYPSINKA: TOXIC FEMININITY” Film Directed by Chloë Sevigny

“LYPSINKA: TOXIC FEMININITY” Film Directed by Chloë Sevigny

LYPSINKA: TOXIC FEMININITY a film directed with by Chloë Sevigny and produced by Scott Elliott, who runs the non-profit theatre group in New York, The New Group.

Bringing her own instinctual depth and glamour to this singular work about downtown legend Lypsinka, Sevigny offers viewers a fever dream like experience of her coming to grips with her celebrity and life as a performer. The film focuses on two authentic parallel recordings: The first is of Judy Garland, who has recorded notes for an unpublished autobiography, its dark undertones providing the depth and emotional core of our film. The second is Joan Crawford reading from her autobiography in a very different tone, with an extreme opposite recollection of her career and life as an artist. Working with a minimal budget and wanting to suspend the character of Lypsinka in time, Sevigny shot with the cinematographer Jennifer Stafford, who films mostly on old beta cameras.

Lypsinka: Toxic Feminity will be available for free through February 16th

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